My Favourite Pendants

Pendant lights are the finishing touch. The piece of jewellery that makes the outfit or, in this case, makes the room.

In these first two images, a collection of coloured glass globes are suspended above the dining table. They contrast beautifully with the timber ceiling and their collection of colours brings together the colour palette of the open plan living, dining and kitchen areas.

It’s important to keep pendant lights away from the heads of your tallest guests. The double-height room in the second image is an ideal spot for a dramatically over-sized pendant. Here its visual form can be enjoyed from both the living area and mezzanine rooms (and nobody needs to duck their head!).

The best pendants can be enjoyed as much for their sculptural form as for the lighting they provide. This cloud of white globes hovering aloft in a dark and moody kitchen is pure visual delight. How could that not bring joy every morning as you munch your bowl of cereal.

And lastly, a great example of how to double up a fabulous pendant in both the dining and living areas of an open plan room. And, like jewellery, how glistening metallics bring vivacity to an otherwise classic space.

Pendant lights are a wonderful choice over beds, dining tables, kitchen benches, coffee tables, in double-height spaces and in stairwells.

They are pure pleasure in lighting form. You can probably see without them – but why would you want to?

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Pulp Design Studios

2. Commune Design

3. Flack Studio

4. Tom Filicia

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