Introducing Jessie

Q Jessie, tell us a bit about yourself …..

A My name’s Jessie Zarubin and I’m the owner of Peregrine Store in Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills.

Q How long have you lived in Adelaide?

A I was born in Adelaide, but have spent the last 9 years living in Sydney. I moved back to the Adelaide Hills early last year with my family.

Q What do you enjoy most about living in Adelaide?

A I love the slow pace, the clean air and, after living in Sydney, I really appreciate our ‘peak hour’!

Q Why did you start your Adelaide business?

A I opened up the store at the end of October 2019. I’ve had this store in mind for years and I came close to launching it where we were making our home in The Hawkesbury NSW. But then our land was gazetted, my father got ill and suddenly it was clear to us that we needed to head home with our young family to support my parents. It’s taken moving here where the products I love fit the landscape of the Adelaide Hills. Coming home has given me something I hadn’t anticipated. I have always had this store in mind but it took this series of events to send us home, and that has put me in a place where I’m in an environment that I find inspiring and authentic.

Q How would you describe what’s special about your Adelaide business?

A I wanted to showcase the incredible talent that is ‘small Australian business’ (while also having some of my tried and tested favourite brands in the store like my love of Falcon enamel ware and Pendleton picnic rugs!) I love the whole feeling of starting a generational pass down – people who come in saying about the Falcon enamel ware ‘my grandmother has had one of those for years’ or ‘we used to play that as kids’ about the Planet Finska Hookey game. It’s all about evoking memories of simpler times.

Q What are your favourite Adelaide places to eat?

A So many Adelaide restaurants and cafes are doing ‘paddock to plate’ brilliantly! I love eating at Hahn and Hamlin in Hahndorf, The Summertown Aristologist and The Lane (for something a bit fancy!)

Q What are your favourite Adelaide places to drink and what is your favourite South Australian made drink?

A I can’t go past Applewood Bar at Unico Zelo in Gumeracha. I love native Australian ingredients, and they utilize these so well in the making of their gin.

Q What are your favourite Adelaide shops for furniture and homewares?

A Rachel from Vintage Carousel in Bowden has an absolute knack for finding the most amazing vintage, so much so that she now has a small corner in my shop she rotates monthly. Brick + Mortar in Norwood is an incredible store showcasing the best SA small business has to offer all while being able to enjoy one of the best coffees and wholesome salad bowls in town.

Q What books are you currently reading?

A I’m currently reading The Way the Brain Changes Itself, an amazing book so far that I’d highly recommend!

Q What’s on your current playlist?

A Justin Townes Earl and Fleetwood Mac are always on high rotation!

Q What are your favourite things to do in Adelaide and South Australia?

A I’m yet to take my family to Yorkes and Flinders Ranges, these are definitely my favourite spots and I can’t wait to show them! For something close to home, you can’t beat being able to stargaze in the Adelaide Hills, the sky is crystal clear out here on a cloudless night!

Peregrine Store

Peregrine Store is one of the fabulous destinations we visit on some of our OLIO Tours.

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