My Favourite Vases

It’s nice to have fresh flowers in your home. Even nicer when a loved one arrives with a surprise bunch in hand. Clear glass vases can absolutely do the job, but having a wider range of different vase styles and materials will mean you can always pick the perfect mix and match for your blooms and the room.

This first vase example is likely to divide opinion. I hear some of you commenting on its delightfully rakish angles, while others of you are so worried that it’s going to tip over …… well, let’s just say that it might not be the best choice for you. Even if this example doesn’t take your fancy, the concept of a vase with a strong form that only holds one or two flowers is worth remembering.

When using a group of vases, keeping them all in the same material and colour palette will help your arrangement look cohesive. These black, white and grey ceramic vases are also a perfect choice to use in this dining room that has a similar palette and strong graphics on its wallpaper.

We tend to think of the flowers themselves bringing in the colour, but a coloured vase can look wonderful with either toning flowers or, in this case, very simple greenery. The mustard yellow of the vase is repeated in the wall hanging, upholstered bench and far wall. Repetition of a colour in the same room makes your eye move around and can be used to visually make a difficult shaped room appear more balanced.

And just because our grandmothers used metal vases, doesn’t mean that we can’t also enjoy a bit of metallic patina. Groups of small vases in similar metals can easily be found in second-hand stores and, again, can look great without any flowers in them.

Do a stock-take of your collection of vases and see which shapes, sizes and styles may be missing. Vases tend to come into our lives in unplanned ways through hand-me-downs and gifts. Perhaps it’s time to buy yourself something special!

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Nildo Jose

2. Jeff Andrews Design

3. Peti Lau

4. Sheila Bridges

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