I Like Ugly Things

As I downsize my furniture and objects in preparation for apartment life, one of the themes emerging is ‘ugly’.

I like ugly things. It might be Brutalism, 1970’s, or tough industrial. I like them all.

These lime green ceramic pendant light shades were a second-hand purchase a year or so ago. They’re in perfect condition (my version of ugly doesn’t stretch to structural damage).

I envision them looking super funky in my new abode re-wired with ‘Edison’ globes and black and white braided electrical cord.

Even then they will still be ‘ugly’ and I’m happy about that.

All this good taste is boring me senseless. So many shops full of neutral-toned ‘go with everything’ blandness.

Human beings don’t ‘go with everything’. Each one of us is uniquely weird and eccentrically wonderful. Paint your walls orange, light a hundred candles, cover all your furniture in the most luxurious velvets you can find. Make your home the place that brings you joy in your own special way.

And if part of my way includes ‘ugly’, then so be it. After all, as designer Geoffrey Ross said “Every room needs a slap in the face”!

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