Think Your Way Out

Jon Burgerman is a UK born, NYC based artist who is recognised as the leading figure in the popular ‘doodle’ art movement.

Kirkby Design is a UK company who creates sharp, contemporary upholstery fabrics with a sophisticated colour palette.

Not surprisingly, Burgerman and Kirkby have collaborated to create a new range of extraordinary fabrics.

Burgerman has used paints, crayons, ink, marker pens and paper cut-outs to create a world of creatures, characters and shapes for this unique collaboration.

Using the latest digital printing technology, Kirkby Design has masterfully captured every mark, smudge and wash of ink, creating a realistic hand-drawn effect.

In addition to creating art, Burgerman regularly performs at events, conferences and universities around the world, delivering keynote lectures and running creative workshops.

When asked what he would most like his audience to take away from his doodles, Bergman says “A sense of excitement that you can creatively think your way out of (or into) any sort of trouble you like.”

Jon Burgerman

Kirkby Design

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