Tell Your Story

Designer Nate Berkus says “I believe your home should tell your story. What you love most collected and assembled in one place.”

“Live with the things you love; that remind you of people and places that are meaningful to you. That personalisation becomes a part of your signature style, keeping your home comfortable and beautiful no matter what changes.”

Nate Berkus established his interior design business at the age of only 24 after growing up in a design-friendly household.

“My mother didn’t cook, growing up,” says Berkus. “She was a designer, and she cared more about the plates than what you were serving on them. I’m the same way.”

Since appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2002, Berkus has gained a global following. But even with all this attention he still adheres to basic beliefs about what makes a home.

“Slouchy glamour for me is not having everything in a room be new. I like dings, nicks, faded paint, worn wood surfaces. I like things that feel like they have a sense of history to them. My rule of thumb is that upholstery is new and everything else is vintage.”

Nate Berkus

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