Shapes of Colour

After ten years in the advertising industry, graphic designer Kimmy Hogan decided to start creating her own artworks for the home.

“It was the interior world and arts that was always pulling on my heartstrings. I realised my skills in digital illustration could be my pathway to that industry.”

Whilst her art is all digitally created, it is still very ‘hand drawn’ with each line and shape being created with the stroke of her hand.

She draws using the Adobe Illustrator pen tool, carefully resisting the urge to neaten lines up afterwards. She simplifies the subject matter down to simple curves and shapes of colour to give the image a  painterly feel. 

The finished artworks are printed digitally on cotton rag card using archival inks, and Kimmy signs each one individually.

Kimmy Hogan’s artworks are available from her website and a selection of retailers and e-tailers.

Kimmy Hogan

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