A unique, colourful greeting card designed and made in Australia by OLIO Interiors.

  • 147mm x 104mm
  • Comes with an envelope
  • Blank inside for your personal message
  • Free shipping within Australia



There is something both mysterious and comforting about the many moods of our moon. Each night it appears completely different from the night before. Whether waxing or waning, shrouded in clouds or illuminating a clear sky, it is both unique and constant.

Perhaps we are a little envious of the moon’s ability to re-invent itself. We all have life moments when we’d like to re-set and start again. When utterly depleted, what a gift it would be to be re-born as a ‘new moon’.

I have a Mid Century ceramic bowl that used to hold bits and bobs on my mother’s dressing table. Inky blue on the outside and creamy yellow on the inside. It reminds me of the beauty and unknown of the night sky and was the inspiration behind my MOON design.

If the moon can pull the massive tides of the world, what impact must it have on us small creatures who are 70% water?

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Includes feather insert, Cushion cover only


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