A unique, colourful greeting card designed and made in Australia by OLIO Interiors.

  • 147mm x 104mm
  • Comes with an envelope
  • Blank inside for your personal message
  • Free shipping within Australia



The first photograph of Earth as a whole was taken on December 7, 1972 by scientist-astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt, a member of the Apollo 17 crew on their way to complete NASA’s final mission to land on the moon. How astonishing it must have been to see our robust planet for the first time as just a fragile orb in an unimaginably massive universe.

I had a world map on the wall of my childhood bedroom. I loved the perfect pastel palette of the sinuous contours of its geography.

The Earth is far from pastel. But just like centuries of cartography, I chose beautiful, optimistic shades for my EARTH design. There are days when global events make us weep to think of the damage we keep doing to our fragile planet. There are other days when tiny moments of terrestrial life fill us with awe and wonder.

I hope my EARTH design is able to capture just a little of all of this complexity!!

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Includes feather insert, Cushion cover only


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