My Favourite Timber Walls

Timber is such a beautiful natural material to use in any style of home. Most people will have some timber furniture, but are you bold enough to embrace a timber wall (or four)? It can be a little tricky to get right. You probably don’t want your home interior to feel like a Scandinavian sauna…..

If you’re already a Mid Century Modern enthusiast then you’ve probably already embraced the timber wall idea. A particularly cool MCM way of doing timber walls is to continue the inside wall to the outside as in this first image. Makes the room feel bigger and the home feel seamless.

Perhaps the MCM golden timbers are a bit too warm in tone for your taste. Here’s a great example of a lighter, slightly cooler toned, timber working beautifully on walls and ceiling, offset by a contrasting concrete floor. And see how the timber furniture tones in, rather than copies exactly, the surrounding timber walls and ceiling.

Perhaps you’d like to continue your timber walls into multiple rooms. This image is a lovely example of continuing a timber walled entrance into adjoining spaces.

Open plan living is great, but sometimes we’d like a little bit of sight and sound separation. This last example shows just how chic a dividing wall can look when clad with the same timber as the floor. See also how the timber floor continues into the alfresco area. It’s all the little decisions that add up to a home that feels calm and considered.

More info on the designers of these five rooms via the links below.

1. Jamie Bush

2. Commune Design

3. David Scott Interiors

4. Trinity Interior Design

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