My Favourite Fireplaces

A living room needs a focal point – a hub from which to start your placement of sofas, chairs, tables and all the other bits and pieces. Personally, I’m not a fan of a huge television screen being the main focus if the living room area is used for non TV watching activities as well. (By all means go for a huge screen if you have a separate media room.)

I understand I’m in the minority, but here’s a few reasons why a more modest sized TV screen works better for me.

I don’t enjoy watching sport. (If you do, I totally get that you want to see every grimace and bead of sweat). I prefer going out to watch movies at the cinema on an even bigger screen (with a choc-top ice cream in hand). I grew up in a home with a small black and white TV with very poor reception.  I just get excited at actually being able to see an image on the TV – a modest sized colour screen that doesn’t roll (you have to be over a certain age to understand that reference) is bliss! And lastly, TVs just don’t look very nice.

On the other hand, fireplaces look fabulous even when they’re not blazing. Fireplaces don’t even have to have a real log fire – I include all fuels and even those fireplaces that don’t actually work.

The first image shows how a restored marble fireplace can look right at home with more contemporary pieces.

The second image shows how the combination of polished concrete and recycled or handmade brick is always a winner. And how a shelfless mantle can look sleek and modern amidst equally sleek and modern furnishings.

How extraordinary is the simplicity of this coiled black metal fireplace? Only made better with the display of a small flock of green ceramic birds.

This Mid-Century concrete fantasia of a fireplace is sure to divide opinion – I absolutely adore it.

But let’s finish on a more contemporary fireplace look in our last image. See how perfectly its unique texture works with those gorgeous quilted upholstered armchairs.

There truly is a fireplace design to suit every taste (even though some will cost at least as much as a huge screen TV!).

More info on the designers of these five rooms via the links below.

1. Hare + Klein

2. Arent + Pyke

3. B.E Architecture

4. Alison Damonte

5. Doherty Design Studio

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