My Favourite Cabinetry

Is it cabinetry or is it joinery? Well, take your pick….. both words refer to the same thing – cupboards, shelves and drawers fixed into a specific place. Compared to loose furniture, cabinetry can be a great use of space, particularly odd shaped spaces.

We tend to think about cabinetry being something we use in the kitchen to hide away all our pots, pans, crockery and utensils. I love to also have some of my kitchen cabinetry with open shelving so I can choose to display some items. Why hide your favourite platters and bowls away when they can add to the look and atmosphere? And see the clever use of space squeezing in wine storage around the doorway – genius!

I also love cabinetry built around a sofa like in this second image. Your instinct might be simply to add two side tables. But with built-in shelving (leaving breathing space for lighting and and artwork), it becomes a whole wall of colour and delight.

If you’re looking for something extra special – how about this beautiful built-in wardrobe with rattan inserts? Gorgeous, isn’t it? And a good reminder that cabinetry can incorporate curves so elegantly.

Where there’s cabinetry, there’s also sometimes stone. In the final image we see that the simple black cabinetry becomes the supporting act to the star of the show – breath-takingly stunning coloured stone. And remember that stone doesn’t have to only be for wet areas. It can be used simply for its beauty.

Cabinetry is a highly skilled trade and you will pay for what you get. But it uses space efficiently, can take on any colour, style and texture you desire, and adds value and use-ability to your home.

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. YSG Studio

2. Kitesgrove

3. Larritt Evans

4. YSG Studio

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