My Favourite Bedrooms

Is there anything more comforting than snuggling into your own bed at the end of a long day? Our bedrooms should be our personal sanctuaries with every single element being something that brings daily pleasure.

I do love wallpaper in a bedroom. In this first image, the wallpaper adds colour, pattern and a lovely sense of enveloping the whole room. I also love the round mirror above the bed. With a bedhead, sometimes it feels that there isn’t enough space to hang an artwork, yet leaving the space bare can look unfinished. A round mirror creates a lovely proportion and bounces light around the whole room.

Texture is an important part of bedroom design as well. Think about how you can layer up luscious, tactile textiles on and around your bed. In this next image, texture starts with the bed itself in beautiful woven rattan. And if there’s ever a place for faux fur, the bedroom is definitely it!

I like to sit up in bed to read and there is nothing nicer to lean against than an upholstered headboard. I love how this headboard has been extended to behind the beside drawers. And that fabric! Totally gorgeous. Curtains are an important consideration if you prefer not to be woken up by the sunrise. And don’t forget that curtains don’t have to be a ‘neutral’ design element. This bold orange complements the headboard fabric perfectly and gives a real design punch to the room.

This last bedroom contains so many things that I like. Upholstered bedhead? Tick. Fabulous artwork to see first thing every morning? Tick. Mobile above the bed perfect for staring at while daydreaming? Tick.

Our instinct may be to decorate our home’s ‘public spaces’ first. But as the airline instruction goes, ‘fix your own mask before helping others’. If you have a bedroom that nourishes you, relaxes you and delights you …… you will then be ready to take on the world!

More info on the designers of these four spaces via the links below.

1. Zoe Feldman

2. Peti Lau

3. Studio Peake

4. Thom Filicia

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