My Favourite Alfrescos

Even if gardening is not your thing, it’s still a treat to relax outside when the weather is good.

Alfresco areas don’t have to be large to be inviting. This first photo shows how a tiny inner-city townhouse can still provide a relaxing green oasis.

I think the trick is to plan and furnish your alfresco in a way that reflects your home, your location and your view (if you have one).

If your view is a manicured hedge and lawn, keep things clean, calm and contemporary.

If your home is carved out of a rockface, then an imposing hanging sofa will hold its own.

When looking out on Australian natives, weathered timbers fit right in.

I love colour inside my home but my favourite alfrescos tend more toward neutral tones and textures. I guess it’s fitting that the natural world takes top billing in your alfresco area and your furniture provides the supporting players.

More info on the designers of these four alfresco spaces via the links below.

1. Amanda Lynn

2. Amy Lau

3. Arent + Pyke

4. CLO Studios

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