My Favourite Gallery Walls

I love to live in a home surrounded by artworks. But I’m no snob when it comes to the type of artworks. A jumbled mix of vintage finds, kids’ masterpieces, local artists, family pieces and a few of my own efforts suits me just fine.

If you’re going to live with lots of art, chances are you’re going to want to create a gallery wall or two. A gallery wall (or salon wall) is loosely defined as a collection of items: framed artwork, photographs and personal treasures hung in a grouping.

It can be helpful to start by ‘grounding’ your gallery wall with a large piece of furniture. See how the sofa in this first image is the starting point from which the gallery wall mix begins. While square or rectangular will probably be your norm, the odd round shaped work can add a lovely contrasting interest.

I am personally drawn to gallery walls hung over wallpaper. I know this is way too much for many people but I am an unashamed maximalist! Striped wallpaper is a wonderful foundation. Chances are the content of your artworks is going to consist of a collection of ‘organic’ shapes and colours. This makes a fabulous contrast against the ‘geometric’ wallpaper stripes. (Also a great tip for mixing patterned cushions. Mix ‘organic’ and ‘geometric’ patterns within a defined colour palette for a cohesive look.)

A coloured wall can also be a great gallery wall background. Even a pale colour like this dirty pink will add more oomph to your artworks than a plain white wall. You can also see from this image that you really don’t need to get all matchy matchy with your styles and colours of frames. The variety makes your eye move around and enjoy the eclectic mix.

If your home has a staircase you have a great opportunity to cover every wall surface with artworks. Pieces that might feel too bold to hang in other spaces will be perfect in this ‘walk through’ area. Same idea with a long hallway. Make it more interesting by creating a gallery wall along one or both sides.

If you’re still hesitant to knock those nails in the wall, perhaps consider a display ledge (or two or three). Display ledges are also great if you like to rotate your artworks or photographs. The all black and white look in this image is very chic!

Whatever your preferred style, consider a gallery wall for your home. It’s the ‘finishing touch’ that adds personality and life.

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

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3. Sheila Bridges

4. Stephan Jones

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