Eccentric Celebration

Beata Heuman’s studio is known for its playful and original design work.

Beata grew up in the Swedish countryside but is a great fan of her adopted country England.

“Being eccentric is celebrated and very much encouraged in England,” says Beata. “That’s what I find so inspiring. Swedish design can be quite restrained. There, it’s more about fitting in and doing things others are doing. I came here and felt I had carte blanche.”

Her fresh use of colour, freewheeling approach to furnishings and fondness for decorative wall painting bring to mind the bohemian style of London’s Bloomsbury Group and, more generally, the long English tradition of originality in decorating.

Beata Heuman’s design philosophy is stated simply but takes enormous attention and creativity to achieve.

“In the course of a lifetime one gathers a multitude of views, experiences and objects. The home should make it possible to take in all of these things. We look at the past as well as the present for inspiration to create layered and balanced designs that stand the test of time.”

Beata Heuman

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