Colours of the Heart

I believe that living in a home surrounded by the colours you love can be enormously comforting and affirming.

Colour fashions come and go. They change seasonally – golds and greens for Autumn, pinks and blues for Spring.

They also change more gradually over decades. Purple, burnt orange and lime green in the 1970s. Miami Vice cool pastels in the 1980s.

Fashion can be fun and it’s exciting to try new things. But over time we may notice there are certain colours we are drawn to over and over again, regardless of whether they’re in fashion or not.

I call these ‘colours of the heart’.

All my clients have them, even it they aren’t consciously aware. ‘Colours of the heart’ are so deeply embedded in our personal history and experiences that sometimes they require a little gentle prodding and poking to fully extract.

My ‘colours of the heart’, just like yours, have been formed over a lifetime, but with perhaps a little more emphasis on the earliest decades.

The orange and blue stripes of our family’s beach umbrella. The faded red of Enid Blyton’s hardcover Famous Five books. The vibrancy of Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake. The inventive colour combinations in the paintings of Matisse.

We’re often very clear about which colours we don’t like (school uniforms feature highly!).

Let’s spend some time working out which ones we love. Then let’s bring our ‘colours of the heart’ into our home and enjoy them everyday.

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