The Secret Life of Prussian Blue

It all started with a family game of Scattegories.

For those who haven’t played, Scattegories is a word game in which each player tries to come up with a unique name for an object within a category starting with a particular letter.

In this particular round the letter was P and the category was COLOUR.

There were plenty of Pinks and Purples but my godson and I both thought we had the winning answer that nobody else could possibly have: Prussian Blue.

Why or how we simultaneously picked something so obscure remains a total mystery.

But now, years later, whenever he and I experience a moment in which we are of one mind, (particularly when those around appear to have lost theirs) one of us will say to the other, with a knowing look: Prussian Blue.

I came across a Prussian Blue print by Australian designers Querkus & Co and bought it as a gift for my godson. It now hangs proudly above his bed.

So what is all this about? And why do I think it’s important?

I strongly believe the colours, furniture and objects we surround ourselves with are capable of deeply enriching our lives.

Even when I am long gone, my godson’s Prussian Blue print will be in his home as a daily reminder of a happy game-playing evening, of those magic moments in life when you feel totally in sync with another human being, of how much he was loved by his godmother.

These memories and emotions strengthen us and enable us to move more capably through the difficulties and challenges of life.

Home is deeply important to us all. Yet we can still get distracted and mixed up. We start talking about real estate and capital gains. We imagine our homes have a role in showcasing to others how well we’re doing (whatever that means).

Prussian Blue reminds me that what really matters is that our homes are places where we connect with our selves and those we love. Where we are amongst things and people that make us happy and strong.

Querkus & Co is a wonderful textile design and printing company based in Sydney, Australia.

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To find out more about the history of Prussian Blue (and 74 other equally fascinating colours) I highly recommend ‘The Secret Lives of Colour’ by Kassia St Clair.

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