My Favourite Sofas

The purchase of your first sofa is one of those significant ‘transitions to adulthood’ events (even if you’re well into your 30s or 40s by the time it happens!). A sofa is a large piece of furniture and one that, like beds and dining tables, is wise to put some thought and money into.

Endless style and fabric choices can make selection a little confusing. In general, you do get what you pay for when buying a sofa. A $1,000 sofa may look very similar to a $5,000 one, but under the upholstery there will be major differences in the quality of the frame and the construction. If you’re looking for a bargain, it’s better to wait until the more expensive sofa goes on sale than to spend the same amount on a full-priced less expensive sofa. The weight of the sofa is a useful sign of its quality. Basically – the heavier the better.

Style-wise, the world is your oyster. You might fancy something contemporary and clean-lined. Or perhaps a more traditional, curvaceous shape appeals to you. Don’t be too concerned about what’s in fashion right now. If you choose a sofa that’s well-made and that you love, it will last for decades as various fashions come and go. A sofa is a real ‘heart decision’. If you genuinely fall in love with it, it’s the right one for you.

In larger rooms and open-plan, you could consider a curved or semi-circular sofa. Sofas and their accompanying armchairs are all about groups and conversations, so the more welcoming and enclosing, the better.

And don’t turn your nose up at a life-worn hand-me-down sofa. It’s easy to get an old sofa re-upholstered. Chances are that the quality of the older sofa’s frame materials and workmanship is better than most contemporary sofas. When you re-upholster you can make changes to the shape as well as the fabric. You might prefer that the arms are wider or more rounded, for example. A good upholsterer will be happy to make the design tweaks needed to create the sofa exactly as you want.

It might take you a little bit of searching to find ‘the one’. But you will remember the search as well worth it every time you sink your tired body into the arms of your loving sofa!

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