Shades Of White

“The wonderful thing about white is there’s nothing it doesn’t go with it, it never dates and it’s always fresh,” says designer and entrepreneur Lynda Gardener.

One of Lynda’s projects is a lovingly decorated one-bedroom rental apartment in a grand old 1920s building in St Kilda, Melbourne. Simply known as ‘The Apartment’, it’s one of a group of Lynda’s boutique accommodation properties in Daylesford, Trentham and Fitzroy.

Lynda has styled the Art Deco apartment with exquisite collections of old and new artworks, furnishings, cushions, layers of rugs and beautiful linens: many in various shades of white. It also includes several pieces from Dutch designers.

“I’m always inspired by Dutch and Nordic spaces that feel fresh, simple, open and not too cluttered. I think this apartment was really influenced by my many travels to Amsterdam, and their great aesthetic.”

Lynda has also recently released a line of paint colours with bespoke paint company Bauwerk. Not surprisingly, she began with two shades of white.

Bauwerk, based in South Fremantle and exporting worldwide, creates modern lime paints from clay, minerals and natural pigments. Their lime paints are beautiful, don’t harm the environment in their manufacture or disposal, and most importantly don’t harm our health.

Lynda has created two Bauwerk whites named Bleached and Raw. Bleached is a bright luscious white that works particularly well in newer homes. Raw is a dirtier off-white with a warm tone that works particularly well in older homes.

Lynda’s designs always have a down-to-earth authenticity about them. Bauwerk follow a belief that homes should not be disconnected from the materials they are built from. It’s hardly surprising then that these two have got together.

The Apartment


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