Serious Tile Love

When I fall in love with a tile I fall hard.

Maybe for you it’s puppies, new shoes or a particular Greek Island. But what makes my heart beat the fastest is discovering my next favourite tile collection.

Please let me introduce you to the absolutely stunning tiles of Erin Adams Designs.

Using ceramics, glass, recycled aluminium, concrete, stone, wood and leather, Erin creates tiles that are simultaneously timeless and totally contemporary.

I grew up in a mid-century home with a pink and grey tiled bathroom. How did we get to now when the overwhelming majority of people buy plain tiles in white, stone or charcoal? (I know – some of you are blaming those pink and grey tiles for putting us all off coloured tiles ever!)

But life is short and tiles can be breathtakingly beautiful. Why settle for ‘I can live with it’ when you can have ‘I can’t live without it’?

Erin Adams Design

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