‘Olio’ is a noun that means ‘a miscellaneous collection of things’.

‘ology’ is a suffix that means ‘the study of’.

Since choosing Olio Interiors as my business name, I keep coming across other people who are using ‘olio’ to describe their approach to the world.

Perhaps Oliology is the new black?

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have collaborated with Royal Doulton to create ‘Olio’: an eclectic collection of dinnerware using a modern mixture of materials and colours.

Inspired by hand-made objects found from all over the world, these pieces work harmoniously together yet stand out in their own right. Soft chalky materials are mixed with timbers and contemporary stainless steel.

I think Olio Interiors might be needing to invest in some pieces from this beautiful Royal Doulton Olio collection.

Royal Doulton

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

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