Husband and wife design duo Cortney and Robert Novogratz have designed and developed many unique properties in Manhattan, Los Angeles and beyond. For over 20 years this fun, hip, artsy couple has rebuilt entire city blocks from the ground up and transformed them into fabulous spaces.

They say that their favourite thing about what they do is that it’s a tangible process.

“You go into a project, you start with a vision and you finish with a party. It’s either genius, good or it sucks… Hopefully, it doesn’t suck, a few times it’s genius and a lot of the time it’s pretty good. Then you go on to the next one. We love that.”

Their love of colour is a key factor in all their projects.

“We always say, people are happier on a sunny day than on a rainy day, so a bit of colour brings happiness to your life and makes things a little less serious. Your home should be a reflection of you, but also when people enter your home, they should feel happy and comfortable.”


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