My Favourite Reds

It’s the colour, not the wine (sorry to disappoint!). Red has been a constant in my life since reading hardcover ‘Famous Five’ books as a child.

(To understand more about that you may like to read the blog My Childhood Friends.)

Red is also a great interior design colour – bringing a punch of warmth and vitality into any room.

It can also, perhaps a little strangely, work really well with sky blue. This first image shows what a striking colour palette this can be in a living area – stimulating conversation and general joie de vivre.

Red is also the colour of our Australian deserts and an important element in many indigenous artworks. The second image shows a quintessentially Australian design mix of indigenous, contemporary and Mid Century pieces, with the sinuously curved, golden velvet sofas pulling it all together.

Thirdly, we see red in a distinctly European style room, adding a smack of colour to layers of carved timbers (for me, the studs are the crowning glory).

And lastly, more subdued rusty-red armchairs bring some nature into this highly man-made monochromatic space.

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Amy Lau

2. Simone Haag

3. Jenny Fischbach

4. Mim Design

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