My Favourite Pattern Mixing

In the land of interior design, the art of mixing patterns is what separates the women from the girls!

The first image is a room designed by the wonderful Brisbane-based Anna Spiro (an absolute pattern mixing Queen). What we can learn from this image is that stripes, checks and animal prints are all neutrals – yes really! Mix them in with a range of other patterns to ground your overall design.

The second image is a bedroom designed by English-born US-based Kathryn Ireland. All her patterned textiles here have a common design thread. Dominant colours of red, blue and yellow in a variety of global-inspired motifs. The style of the bedframe and coffee table also reinforces her global design theme. See also how she’s cleverly repeated the one pattern on the walls, bed cover and pillows in two different colour combinations.

A very different and bolder bedroom in the third image. The Greek key motif on the rug goes into the ‘classic neutral’ group of patterns that can be mixed with anything. And see how the repetition of chocolate browns (including in the timber furniture) and pinks brings a consistency to the mix.

And lastly, I am seriously in love with Kit Kemp’s layered, textured, coloured and patterned hotel rooms.

I admit that pattern is not for everyone. But if you love it – go for it!!

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Anna Spiro Design

2. Kathryn Ireland

3. Katie Ridder

4. Kit Kemp

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