My Favourite Kitchens

Looking at some of my favourite Australian kitchen designs and wondering what they have in common.

Firstly I think it is warmth. They all show a deep understanding of how and why we are drawn to the kitchen for nourishment and social interaction.

Secondly, they’re not all white! Please let’s move on from that clinical look. This is family cooking not science experiments.

Thirdly, they include a bold choice. Whether it’s a stone, a tile, a colour or a timber. There’s something in each of the kitchens that draws your eye, that makes you want to touch.

And lastly, they all recognise that kitchens are a major lifestyle investment not a throw-away fashion fad. Something to be enjoyed everyday by everybody for many years.

1. Arent & Pyke

2. Studio Esteta

3. Enoki

4. SpaceCraft



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