My Favourite Dining

Have we lost the art of dining? Do we spend more time nowdays eating on the run, at a bench or (heaven forbid!) in our cars, than actually sitting down to dine? Contemporary lives can be complex with lots of commitments so I’m not here to judge. Perhaps because it occurs less often we can value the time we do spend at our dining tables even more.

My first rule of dining is to have comfortable chairs and for me this means padded and upholstered. The dining chairs in the first image look comfy enough for an afternoon-long lunch. I also love the deep navy walls which bring a sense of enclosure and drama – making the dining table the main event.

But comfortable dining can also have a highly contemporary look. There is absolutely nothing ‘grandma’s dining room’ about this bold and inviting room.

And you don’t need squillions to find upholstered dining chairs. Second-hand stores and auctions are filled with great examples like the ones in the image below. (The price of new dining chairs can be eye-watering. It’s because there is so much that goes into making a really comfy chair. The better quality you buy, the more you will enjoy sitting on them and the longer they will last.) If you find a second-hand set that are well-made you can always get them re-upholstered later when finances allow.

And finally, a grand dining room with all the bells and whistles will make every meal a pleasure!

Dining can be an everyday enjoyment. Bring our the ‘best’ china and cutlery. Use cloth napkins at every meal. Dining well is the epitome of mindfulness. And, let’s face it, we can all do with a little more of that in our lives.

More info on the designers of these four spaces via the links below.

1. Markham Roberts

2. 2LG Studio

3. Kate Guinness

4. Sasha Bikoff

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