My Favourite Curtains

I love a good curtain. Drawing the curtains in the early evening is, to me, the epitome of a luxurious life. Particularly on a cool night, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all that fabric loveliness?

This first example also illustrates how important it is not only to choose the right fabric, but also the right ‘hardware’. Nothing old-fashioned about a clear perspex curtain rod and oblong brass curtain rings!

Even if the rest of your windows are content with shutters or blinds, curtains really come into their own in the bedrooms. Whether a new build or an older home, and whatever your taste and style, bedroom curtains will add that final ‘finished’ touch. Don’t be skimpy – place your curtain rod high above the window for a bit of drama. And do have both a decorative fabric and a lining fabric. Bedroom curtains should be about darkening the room to promote good sleep. I know the TV reno shows are obsessed with floaty, semi-sheer linens, but they won’t look as good when the morning sun wakes you up at 6am.

If you happen to be living in an enormous loft apartment, you might consider suspending a circular curtain track to pull around your bed!

Custom curtains are an investment. There’s a lot of fabric and a lot of skill to make them. But if flinging open those crushed velvet bedroom curtains every morning starts your day happy, perhaps it’s actually a small price to pay.

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Peti Lau

2. Sisalla

3. Fiona Lynch

4. Brett Mickan

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