My Favourite Bedrooms

Is there anywhere more comforting and nurturing than your bedroom? The one place you can let go of all cares and artifice. The one place where you can be totally and utterly you.

Forget fashions, forget trends, forget pleasing other people (with the exception of the person you share your bedroom with of course!).  How you furnish and decorate your bedroom is entirely about pleasing yourself, and creating a space that you love to fall asleep and wake up in everyday.

This first bedroom creates a fun twist on the classic white painted brick walls with a circle of red bricks left exposed to form a fabulous artwork. The bold striped upholstered bedhead sets the rest of the room’s energetic colour scheme.

The second bedroom is altogether more calm and muted, featuring a layering of tactile blue-grey fabrics.

A bright cobalt blue is the starting point in this third light and airy room. I do love an upholstered bedhead and they can be made in literally any shape or size you desire. The fluted bedside pendant lights are also a stand-out. Don’t limit yourself to only table lamps. Both pendants and wall-mounted bedside lights are worth investigating.

Have you considered a dark bedroom wall colour – whether all bedroom walls or just the wall behind your bed? It can create a wonderfully enclosed feeling plus many artworks look fabulous against a darker background.

Whatever colours and decorative elements you choose for your bedroom, make sure that they are what you really love and that they make you feel totally you.

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Amanda Lynn

2. Markham Roberts

3. 2LG Studio

4. Andrew Flesher

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