My Favourite Bedrooms

Bedrooms are one of my favourite rooms to design. They’re highly personal, so they must be super comfortable. But perhaps they can also be a little eccentric. After all, the bedroom is really only for the people who sleep in it. It’s the ideal room to design precisely as you would like.

On first glance my favourite bedrooms may seem to have little in common. They certainly vary widely in style and colour. However, I think that at their heart there are a few common threads.

In fact ‘threads’ is where I’ll begin. I believe bedrooms are all about textiles. Layers of touchable, tantalising textiles. Don’t stop at basic bed linens. Think upholstered bedhead or perhaps even upholstered walls.

Your feet deserve fine textiles as well. Plush carpets underfoot please. Or if you can’t bear to be parted from timber flooring, at least something warm and soft to step on to when you get out of bed.

The bedroom is also a great place to invest in beautiful lighting. The lamps on your bedsides are well out of harm’s way compared to the more public areas of your home. Love that lamp as you turn it off to snuggle in for the night, every night.

And speaking of light – darkness is also important. Floor length lined curtains are another opportunity to bring texture, colour and pattern into your day (and night). They will block out more light and noise than blinds and they’re just a beautiful thing to enjoy. (Yes, I am on a one-woman crusade to bring back custom made curtains!)

More info on the designers of these four bedrooms via the links below.

1. Brett Mickan

2. William McLure

3. Rachel Reider

4. Kit Kemp

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