Modern Balinese

More than 1.5 million Balinese bricks make up Katamama’s extraordinary facade, the vision of leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin.

Traditionally, these hand-pressed red bricks were used for the island’s holy temples, but as factory-made versions came into play, this ancient art was at threat of being lost. It took three years for the Katamama Hotel’s bricks to be moulded, air dried, hand finished, kiln-fired and assembled into a startling Brutalist-like edifice of light and shadow.

Katamama’s luxury suites are decorated with a mix of timeless mid-century furniture and specially commissioned works by Indonesian artists.

As architect Andra Matin explains “It was intended to feel Balinese, but modern at the same time. The main concept was actually the modern architecture of the ’60s and ’70s. It’s very geometrical. These days, when almost every hotel in Bali is planned and designed with curved lines, it stands out.”

Katamama means ‘mama says….’ in the native language of Bahasa Indonesia. A reference to the wisdom handed down from generation to generation. And of balancing tradition with modernity.

Katamama Hotel

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