Magical Journey

As early as the Middle Ages L’Arlatan was recognised as being Arles’ most lavish hôtel particulier – a grand townhouse.

Now it has been transformed into a boutique hotel thanks to the exceptional vision of Cuban-American artist and sculptor Jorge Pardo.

A gigantic 6,000 square metres of handmade mosaic tiles (two million pieces) now adorns the hotel with an explosion of colour, light and contemporary design. It’s a phenomenal feature incorporating a palette of 18 colours and 11 different geometric shapes laid in a pattern that never repeats itself.

Most of the light fittings and furniture are also Pardo’s work, as are the 400 paintings on almost every door, drawer and wardrobe.

L’Arlatan welcomes you and takes you on an exceptional, magical journey through history, culture and the senses.

Check it out if you like the idea of sleeping in an art installation!


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