Let’s Get Personal

OLIO Interiors is all about helping women design homes that are authentic for them. One of the ways I do this is by creating tours, workshops and presentations on a variety of Interior Design topics. These are great for inspiration, linking to local resources and getting practical easy-to-understand information and ideas. But of course, the content is still general and not customised to any one person’s specific needs.

I also work with individuals and couples at a more personal level. But this may not work quite how you think. I don’t go into people’s homes and say ‘Ta da! Here’s this perfect interior design that I’ve created for you.’

It’s much more collaborative and iterative. At an initial meeting we explore what work is needed and how I can best help. How I can help may be about sourcing materials or it may be about bringing in my trades and getting quotes. It may be about being a sounding board/coach. It may be about helping create a colour palette or a furniture floorplan. It really varies a lot depending on what is going to most help the person and the project.

I mostly charge an hourly fee of $275. We always agree how many hours of work I will do before I start.

Sometimes it’s easier for the client if I set a total amount for a specific piece of work.

Bathrooms are a good example of this. For an average sized bathroom I would charge $1,100 to select tiles and fixtures and create technical drawings for your trades. I would charge $550 if you were making the selections and I was just doing the drawings. I would charge $1,650 if you wanted me to bring my trades onsite and project manage your bathroom build for you.

It’s always a process that is customised to you and your needs. And I’m always up-front about fees and costs.

Engaging an Interior Designer is not for everyone. But I suspect that it’s actually for more people than you might at first think. A professional Interior Design can get a lot more done in one hour than you can. The value you get from your investment includes peace of mind, no mistakes, no false steps, no shoddy trades. And, of course, a home that works well for you and your family.

If you think it might be time for you to get the professionals involved, you can email me at andrea@oliointeriors.com.au

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