Introducing Sophie

Sophie, tell us a bit about yourself …..

A  My name’s Sophie Thornally and I’m the owner of The Local Paint Shop.

What’s The Local Paint Shop all about?

A  I offer the highest quality paints available, supporting family owned, Australian made and natural products with an emphasis on ethically inclined businesses.

Q  Why did you start your Adelaide business?

A  In a way it was gifted to me ….. I worked here under the previous business owner and was invited to buy the business eight years ago. I refused. Two years ago I was invited again and decided this time I couldn’t say no! I feel the current painting industry is lacking and this gives me motivation to try and fill the void. If people need help while renovating or DIY – I’m here to give the right advice, truly listen to the client and help.

Q  How would you describe what’s special about your Adelaide business?

A  I have been told my little shop is like a big warm hug ….. which is exactly how I wanted it to feel. Too often paint shops feel uninviting and cold – the staff make you feel like it’s an honor to be served by them. Whereas I feel honoured that you have walked through my door and chosen to support my family owned small business!

Q  What do you enjoy most about living in Adelaide?

A  Convenience! Everything we need is here and not too far away. With four children I also believe Adelaide is a great place to raise a family.

Q  What are your favourite Adelaide places to eat?

A  Ahh to go out to eat – wouldn’t that be nice! Can’t say I get out much but I do know this sweet place called L’italy on O’Connell St that is beautifully painted throughout using Resene paints.

What’s your favourite South Australian made drink?

I’m a big supporter of anything made by Coopers. Plus a great family who’ve kept their family business strong, which I admire.

Q  What are your favourite Adelaide shops for furniture and homewares?

A  I upcycle as much as possible  – re-using what we already have and buying from others through private pages. I also have a soft spot for Matt Blatt on Morphett Street.

Q  Who is your favourite Adelaide tradesperson?

A  I have a large list of tradespeople I recommend daily depending on the client and their project.  It’s very important to trust the people you have in your home. Always get three quotes on any work you’re having done. Plus, make sure you have a connection. Someone who works well for your friend won’t always be the best match for you.  I have many recommendations but my current ‘go to’ list right now includes.

Malcolm Gray (For help with anything! Decorative finishes a specialty.) M 0410803327

Steve Rylands (Master painter plus wallpaper hanger.) M 0418822574

McAlister painters & decorators (Incredible gang of painters.) M 0438082480

Ryan Robinson (Renderer and decorative finishes.) M 0411113372

The Local Paint Shop

The Local Paint Shop is one of the fabulous destinations we visit on some of our OLIO Tours.

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