Il Sereno

“When we came to Como, just 45 minutes from Milan and a stone’s throw away from many of the best furniture makers in the world, we wanted to go with someone from Milan who worked with the manufacturers from the area. The only phone call we made was to Patricia Urquiola and we were very fortunate that she accepted the challenge.”

– Luis Contreras, Sereno Hotel Group

Milan-based architect and designer Patricia Urquiola is one of the leading names in design today.

Il Sereno is a hotel bringing a new era of luxury to the banks of Italy’s iconic Lake Como.

The peaceful sanctuary created by Urquiola uses the surrounding elements to ensure complete relaxation, and draws inspiration from Lake Como’s culture, lifestyle and history. The well-developed design sensitivity that Urquiola brings to the space ensures that each room incorporates and showcases the unique beauty that surrounds it.

Il Sereno is made largely from natural materials, including wood, stone, wool and other fabrics, to create an aesthetic full of authenticity and personality, whilst remaining timeless.

The colour palette for fabrics is likewise ‘locally sourced’. Sky blue, leafy green and a moody blue-green.

“The lake—it’s always present,” says Urquiola.

Il Sereno

Patricia Urquiola

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