Here and Now

Ella Doran is an award winning designer-entrepreneur who has been running her own East-London based business since the late 90s.

Her main focus is on creating photography-based images and patterns. She pioneered their application to homeware products when digital printing technologies were first developed. The Ella Doran range now includes wallpapers, roller blinds and textiles.

“I am inspired by my everyday surroundings, the here and now. I am influenced by the wonderful eclecticism of where I live and work in Hackney.”

Ella also says that “music has always been a great source of inspiration to me. The records themselves have provided the reference for one of my most successful designs.”

Another popular Ella Doran design is Geo: an illusionist geometric repeat that captures the fascinating play of shadows and light on the surface texture of architectural wall panels.

There is a wonderful immediacy in Doran’s designs. They hum with the vibrancy and colour of urban life.

Ella Doran


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