Growing Together

My first OLIO homewares collection of four cushions called ‘Elements’ will be launched soon. One of my cushion designs in the ‘Elements Collection’ is called LIFE.

At first glance it might appear to be a flower with leaves opening up to the SUN (another one of my designs). And it is. But it also represents a person (albeit with what a medical professional might see as major spinal problems!).

When I think about life I want to include all of us animals and all of us plants, and somehow portray us all as equally significant. There is an enormous freedom achieved when you are able to melt your edges into the edges of others. Maintaining individual-ness and independence takes huge amounts of energy and vigilance. How ultimately relaxing and nurturing it is to understand that we are all growing and experiencing life together.

I love the colours of this Mid Century ceramic bowl I bought at the fabulous This Fine Day – gallery and cafe – in Mitcham. To me it perfectly captures a sense of optimism and growth in its vibrant design.

Interesting to ponder how all my life experiences, and all the colours and objects around me in my home, get distilled into an apparently simple design. Just one of the many mysteries of LIFE I guess!!

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