My Favourite Entrances

If our home is a place to rest, recover and rejuvenate, then the entrance to our home is an important transition between us and the outside world. It should signal a change in energy, a warm welcome and be the symbol of the importance of arriving home (at last!).

The entrance is the perfect spot for a colourful rug, a mirror to check how well we’ve survived the ravages of the day, and a resting place for those bits and pieces we won’t need until we’re ready to leave our home once more.

Or perhaps you prefer a dark and calming transition. A moment to exhale deeply, shake off the day and pivot toward a relaxing evening.

Even if your entrance is barely a small corridor, consider creating a small space where you can discard your keys, shoes and cares.

Of course, if you have an abundance of space then you can go all out when ‘making your entrance’. Decorate it with all the fabulous pieces you love but that haven’t found a home elsewhere. And practice elegantly gliding down the staircase to greet your guests!

Transitions in our lives are important and often call for a symbolic marking of time passed. Entering and leaving your home is a daily transition for you and your family. Create a space that helps make those transitions both practical and enjoyable. In the end, it’s the day-to-day things that make our lives worthwhile.

More info on the designers of these four rooms via the links below.

1. Brett Mickan

2. David Scott Interiors

3. Peti Lau

4. Romanek Design Studio

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