Eco-friendly Brooklyn

It’s not just the spectacular views of Brooklyn Bridge that set this hotel apart from the rest. Reclaimed materials and naturally sourced furnishings add to 1 Brooklyn’s distinctive eco-friendly, industrial-chic style.

1 Brooklyn Bridge is situated on the waterfront with spectacular views of downtown New York over the East River and, as the name suggests, the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge. Dumbo ferry terminal is next to the hotel, and High Street and York Street subway stations are eight and 11 minutes’ walk, respectively.

The hotel boasts a plethora of facilities, most impressively a rooftop pool with spectacular views towards Manhattan. The hotel’s designers, many of them local, gave huge thought to its social spaces, including the coveted rooftop bar and inviting lobby.

The hotel operates entirely on wind power and uses a rain-water reclamation system to irrigate neighbouring Brooklyn Park. From the low-energy bulbs, to the five-minute sand timer in the showers to remind guests of water wastage, this is a hotel that truly lives up to its eco-conscious claims.

1 Brooklyn Bridge

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