Dynamic Georgia

Rooms Hotel, in Tbilisi Georgia, is housed in a reclaimed eight-story Soviet-era publishing house that now has a new façade of reclaimed wood and black metal trim. Located in the thriving intellectual neighborhood of Vera, the property cleverly incorporates the building’s history into its design elements, resulting in an effortlessly stylish mix of old-world Tbilisi charm, New York-style art deco, and the youthful contemporary energy currently turning the Georgian capital into one of Europe’s rising cultural hotspots.

Richly textured leather, mood lighting, dark velvets and bellhops in Wes Anderson-esque retro-chic uniforms.

Forward-thinking entrepreneur Temur Ugulava is forging a new future for hospitality in Georgia by combining the traditional with the contemporary and stirring in a bit of authentic urbane glamour.

“We’re bringing together some of the country’s best creative minds to create sophisticated, contemporary properties worthy of today’s dynamic Georgian society.”

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Georgia

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