Deep Looking (part one)

Many clients find it difficult to express what’s important to them about their home in terms of colour, style, furniture and objects.

Maybe they’ve been happy to follow the pack and simply buy what’s in fashion.

Maybe they’ve experienced a major life transition. What they loved before no longer reflects who they are today.

Maybe caring for others has been their focus. Now that they finally have time and resources, they’re overwhelmed by the myriad of options.

Creating a Mood Board can be a useful place to start to connect, or re-connect, with the elements of home that are meaningful for you.

There are different ways to do this. One person may prefer to cut images from magazines, another to create Pinterest boards, another to wander around shops, display homes and restaurants taking photos (always polite to ask first!).

The common thread is collecting lots of images that resonate with you (words that capture a style or feeling can be helpful as well). It’s all about what fills you with joy, what make your heart skip a beat.

The first stage of creating a Mood Board isĀ  about quantity. The second stage is about sifting, sorting and discarding. And all of it requires what I call Deep Looking.

Deep Looking takes practice. To look hard at an image, a colour, an object and ask yourself ‘What is it about this that speaks to me so strongly?.

Of course the trickiest aspect of Deep Looking is looking deeply at yourself.

‘Who am I right now?’ ‘How do I want to live?’ ‘What’s important to me?’

But let’s save that for another story…..

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