Contemporary Heirlooms

The Shop Floor Project was founded in 2006 by mother and daughter artists and curators Denise Allan and Samantha Allan.

Their aim is to design, develop and source collections of the highest craftsmanship from makers and traditional manufacturers, predominately based within the UK and Europe.

Their main criteria in selecting or commissioning objects is that they are worthy of keeping and passing down through generations. They call these treasured objects ‘contemporary heirlooms’.

The Shop Floor Project commissioned A.S Kashanipour to produce an exclusive series of animal candlesticks inspired by 19th Century Staffordshire figures.

They also commissioned original portrait paintings by Michaela Gall reproduced in limited signed and numbered editions.

Gall’s portraits of Jimi Hendrix and Zelda Fitzgerald are two of my personal favourites.

The exquisite beauty of The Shop Floor Project’s work brings to mind a quote by Zelda Fitzgerald that somehow seems fitting.

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.”

The Shop Floor Project

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