Ancient and Modern

Bonnie Saland is an artist and psychoanalyst based in California. She is the founder of design studio Philomela which specialises in original, hand drawn, painted and printed textiles for interiors.

Greek myth tells of Philomela, a beautiful and resourceful young woman robbed of her tongue. She communicates through a loom, weaving her tale as a summons to her sister and saviour. While a number of variations to the story exist, the theme remains the same: the importance of giving voice to those without.

Philomela’s bold, intricate patterns balance delicacy with daring and bring a sense of celebration into every space.

The designs are informed by Saland’s own idiosyncratic juxtaposition of interests and explorations: interior investigation, geographic curiosity and spiritual stirrings. These are then layered and repeated giving a sense of the need to peel back to know, recognise and find meaning.

While her designs start from a very personal space, Philomela textiles have a universal appeal and would enhance both ancient and modern interiors.



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