All Five Senses

I’ve always loved the beach (yes, that’s me in the photo!).

I generally do most of my living inside my brain. I feed, water and exercise my body. But basically I do these things so my body will continue to carry my brain around for many years to come.

Except when I’m at the beach. The beach for me is the one place where my body and all its five senses take over.

Feelings of sun-smacked skin, tastes of salt, smells of sunscreen, sounds of waves crashing and sights of light sparkling on water.

I stopped going to the beach in my 30s. I didn’t understand why until I had laser eye surgery in my 40s. The outcome was that I changed from wearing glasses most of the time, to wearing glasses only for reading and writing.

I realised then that the beach lost its appeal in my 30s when I ‘lost’ one of my five senses. For when I stood in the water without wearing my glasses, the world beyond my fingertips was just a blur.

I have always loved the beach. But for me it has to be a powerful whole body and all five senses experience. And nowdays (thanks to some modern technology) it is again.

See you at the beach!

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