Beautiful Ball of Joy

Guest Blog by Carmel Waite-McDermid

“Start spreading the news…”  I LOVE NYC, clichéd I know…  but it truly is my fave city to spend time in.

We (my hubby and I) have had the pleasure of visiting New York City a number of times and I love that with each return it feels so familiar and right. I find so much joy in the architecture, art, people, shopping, eating…  I love that it’s equally as much fun to walk around, or to bar hop, or simply to sit and people watch. It is a beautiful place that I find vibrant and full of wonder and it simply makes me happy.

My love for NYC is one reason my SAKS New York City snow globe means so much to me. The other reason is my dear friend Karen, who lived in New York for a few years and gave me the globe. It was, and remains, a very special gift.

It’s a delight to look at its rainbow glitter snow and miniature NYC icons. It evokes memories of New York and all the fun and adventures we’ve had there. It reminds me of Karen, who has lived in a different state or country from me since 1985.  And it plays “New York New York” in the tones only a snow globe can!

It is a ball of joy and it makes me smile.

But there are also moments when it makes me thoughtful and sad. Its New York skyline is missing the Twin Towers, which brings to mind the 9/11 attacks and what Karen went through living in NYC during that time.

We are currently renovating our 1965 contemporary home so my ball of joy doesn’t have a special place to live right now.  It hangs out on the coffee table or on the gas heater, always somewhere visible.

When we’re done renovating and I can finally add art to the walls, my plan is to get a mid-century shadow box or room divider. My beautiful ball of joy will then have pride of place.

Carmel loves to travel. She believes that to experience everything the world has to offer is the very best education. At home, she loves to design and decorate.  Carmel completed an Advanced Certificate in Interior Decorating in the 1990s, and now she gets creative in her own home and for friends and family. She has ‘semi’ retired from a career in the Credit Union industry and is looking forward to both more travel and more time to be creative.


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