But is it ART?

Academics may argue the definition, but for me ART is whatever you value enough to put on your walls.

Over the years I’ve gathered a highly personal collection of what I consider ART – although very little of it would pass any official test.

There’s a framed plate from my Nan’s home. It does have a Picasso-esque design, but is definitely more emotionally than financially valuable.

There’s a framed painting of dancers by me aged 9. Also not a Picasso. Not even a budding Picasso. But so full of joy that it makes me grin from ear to ear.

I nudged a client recently to have her art-class painting professionally framed. Now it hangs, as it should, alongside her other ART made by friends and family, and collected from adventures around the globe. (It’s the one in the centre on the top row.)

It’s ART if you treat it like ART. Value it, display it, look after it, get pleasure from it.

And do get it professionally framed. It’s a small investment for a really great reward.

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