Thoughts about Things

I like a good-looking group of objects. I LOVE a good-looking group of objects with stories.

Thought I’d share with you the stories behind a group of six objects sitting in a corner of my home.

1. Jim Dine is an American pop artist particularly known for revisiting the ‘heart’ motif throughout his career. This framed print was once a page in a calendar given to me by close friends after their US holiday. My friends are a family of four, so for me the four hearts symbolise them and the love I feel for them. They don’t live close to me nowdays, but this image keeps them close to my heart.

2. I was in Alice Springs in a gallery of outstanding Aboriginal Art. The only thing I could afford to buy was a handful of red seeds that Aboriginal women use in their jewellery-making. I flew into Alice Springs on the same day as Queen Elizabeth was leaving and we passed each other on the road between the airport and the town. The experience was quite surreal. Several years later I stuck the seeds on to a mirror frame.

3. I went through a mosaic-ing period. Several friends’ homes can still attest to that – sorry! This vase was my very first piece and is still my favourite. I remember the glue I used wasn’t setting fast enough in the heat and the coloured glass pieces kept slipping off. I think the jaunty angles this caused actually give the finished vase its charm.

4, 5 and 6. My favourite second-hand store was closing down so I spent several happy hours sifting through hundreds of objects to see what just had to be mine. The two mid-century bowls are a deep brown with an Australian motif. Every time I walk past they remind me that I want to learn more about mid-century Australian ceramics. The pink bowl is an unusual colour for me but once I saw its little feet I was gone. It’s just got ‘lovable squirmy little piglet’ written all over it.

For me, living with objects that tell the story of my life (well, at least the bits that feel good to remember – home isn’t some sort of archive of everything) brings me a lot of pleasure.

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