Idea of NORTH

NORTH celebrates the skill of indigenous artists from communities in northern parts of Australia through the creation of homewares crafted using beautifully hand-screen printed textiles.

Since the 1960s, art centres have played a pivotal role in the production of indigenous art; painters, weavers and craftspeople gather to create works inspired and informed by the landscape, traditional knowledge and beliefs. NORTH procures fabrics and prints solely from the art centres of indigenous communities.

The artists’ textiles are used to craft homewares such as cushions hand-sewn in Melbourne, and lampshades manufactured by hand in Sydney. 

Working in fabric is a natural progression for artists already working in other mediums.

Patterns and designs which were traditionally used in various forms – for example painted on bodies or carved on objects – do not have an intrinsic link to any one medium once they are deployed in contemporary art and design production.

The organic and manual nature of the hand printing process endows each piece with its own distinct and beautiful imperfections.

NORTH creates homewares that are deeply Australian, human and beautiful.


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