Halcyon Days

We use the term ‘Halcyon Days’ to describe memories of a past time that was particularly happy.

Halcyon House is a relaxed, luxury hotel located at Cabarita Beach in Northern New South Wales: a perfect spot to create some ‘Halcyon Days’.

Halcyon House is defining a different type of beach holiday, providing an experience of uncomplicated luxury reflective of Australian summers gone by.

Each room has been individually designed by the wonderful Anna Spiro; featuring antique furniture, luxurious textiles, hand-made floor tiles and original artworks.

Anna Spiro has a life-long love of textiles, pattern and colour.

In addition to her work at Halcyon House, Anna has created a wallpaper range for Porters Paints plus her book aptly titled ‘Absolutely Beautiful Things’.

“I’m a maximalist, not a minimalist” says Anna. “It’s important to collect things over time – and only things you love or that have meaning for you – and let your home gradually evolve.”

OLIO Interiors votes YES for meaningful maximalism.

Anna Spiro

Halcyon House


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