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There are times in life when you simply have to confess that you’re a hardcore, adoring fan.

This is how I feel about the interiors created by Kit Kemp, co-owner and Design Director for Firmdale Hotels. The Firmdale boutique hotels (currently eight in London and two in New York) are each designed with a fresh, unique twist on English style. They particularly showcase Kit Kemp’s exceptional talent for mixing and layering textiles and patterns.

Kit Kemp says ‘If pressed to describe my style – something I never like to do because it seems to no longer allow for any change in the future – I would say it is carefree and colourful. My aim as a designer is to make surroundings a joyful thing – to bring in elements of intrigue and curiosity that create a sense of adventure and fun. This is not to be mistaken for gimmickry however – comfort and quality are at the core too.’

Let’s follow Kit Kemp’s lead and make our own homes fresh, unique, carefree and colourful too.

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